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Horse Life

Horse Life explores the unique bond between human being and the equine. Floating across the ring at the show is a mere blink of the eye relative to all that happens behind the scenes in preparation for that moment. To spend all those hours at the barn, in the ring, on the road--it must be about something more than winning a competition, if one dedicates their life to this path. I am drawn to elements on the periphery. I seek the details that are often overlooked…the bucolic afternoons in the pasture, breeding and the birth of a foal, the endless hours training, trips to the vet, the constant showing, and particularly the presence and power of these majestic animals.

Day in, day out, with dedication and love, transformation happens. Information is transmitted through subtle movements in the legs and body position. They understand each other intimately. Over the years, horse and rider work together as one, jumping ever higher, floating across the ring with grace…there is no separation…all elements in alignment.

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