Stepping into the realm

This will be an ongoing conversation, one that regularly changes course and grows in new directions. A forum to share new work, stories from the road and relation to photography, life, and beyond. Shall we begin?

Mexican Vista, Oaxaca, December, 2010.

After many years shooting digitally, I have recently been working with Kodak negative films in my Mamiya 6 and slowing down. I simply love the richness, depth and color palette of these films, as well as the broad dynamic range offered by medium format. But, beyond mere aesthetics, I work and see in a very different manner. Film forces me to move at a more conscious pace, to really tune into the light, to have discipline and choose the moment among moments...never wasting a frame...trusting myself, and yet not knowing what I've got until I get back the processed film. Digital offers a myriad of does film...

Haitian Orphan, Port au Prince, 2011.