Louise and I

My Grandmother and I have developed a wonderful friendship in recent years, a bond that I will cherish forever. Her acute mind, clever wit, humility and selflessness are aspects of her being which I hope to embody in my own life. She was dedicated to serving others, with love, in her speech, thoughts and actions.

Our conversations were always honest and never forced...there was a nice, natural, quality about sharing with one another. We would listen to old time music on the porch together and sip wine. We watched the Twins play baseball. We played card games. We dined around town. With age, she grew ever more open to life...

She talked about her years as a young woman, of life out on her own for the first time. Of meeting my grandfather. Of war and separation. And, of their move to St. Paul to begin a family and new life in Minnesota. It was as if these moments happened yesterday, they were crystal clear in her mind. I would tell her my ideas for stories and share my pictures of the world with her. She would tell me about what she had for lunch or her recent trip to the Goodwill (where she styled the models for the vintage fashion shows). I massaged her stiff, tired feet. She always helped me to get to the airplane on time. Oftentimes, we simply sat in silence, in the present, together.

These pictures from our days together come straight from my heart. Two weeks ago today, Louise left her body, in her own home, just how she would've wanted...surrounded by her family and much love. Click here to see the gallery on my website.