On a recent Sunday morning, I went to a children's home in Haiti's capital city, Port-au-Prince, and experienced true hunger and desperation. As young boys and girls picked tiny bits of bread from the cracks of wooden planks serving as tables and put the crumbs into their mouths, I felt extreme sadness and powerlessness over the situation before me. These little ones, over 50 children, live together in rubble under the watchful eye of a pastor who lost his wife in the devastating earthquake that shook their small island to it's core. They eat, sleep and pray beneath a roof that feels as though collapse is imminent.

If you are interested in helping, World Wide Village, a Minnesota-based and Haiti-committed NGO, is doing real life-changing work in the lives of Haitians. Please donate by going to their website and finding the "Meals for Faith in Action Home" on the donation page if you would like to have a direct impact on the boys and girls in the photographs. There is so much to be done.

My hope is that this work from my brief journey to Haiti elicits gratitude within all who see it. Gratitude for the bounty we enjoy, for our own homes, for the support of our parents, for personal and public cleanliness and safety, and for our good leadership. It is not perfect, nor will it ever be, but truth be told: We are the fortunate ones.

I intend on posting a more extensive selection from Haiti on my website in the near future.