Fall Drives in Minnesota Monthly

Last autumn, I got a call from art director Jeremy Nelson of Minnesota Monthly to see if I would be interested in shooting a project for them called "Fall Drives" over the coming weeks. Essentially, the assignment was to travel throughout Minnesota along scenic routes and explore the splendor of fall...the winding roads, historic sites, small towns, restaurants and bars, and whatever caught my interest along the way. The journey that ensued provided freedom and time to get to know the state I call home, truly, for the first time in my life...from Lake Superior and the Iron Range in the north, to the Mississippi river valley, to Amish country in the south. This was my opportunity to connect with and see the land of 10,000 lakes anew. I slowed down to talk with people in main street cafes...took the time to drive to overlooks and walk in fields at harvest time...always aware of my place, the season, and the changing light. The story is out now, so please be sure to pick up a copy on the newsstands!