"Whole life is practice"

...wise words spoken by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, an Indian yogi who popularized the Ashtanga system of yoga. Today is the first of many posts about my ongoing photographic exploration of yoga. Truly, this merging of my two passions will lead me on a journey into yoga's past, present and future...this profound subject will certainly require some time to investigate and is bound to take me around the world. The work will culminate in a book and exhibition at some point in the future, still to be determined.

Specifically, my intention is to explore the eight limbs, or aspects, of yoga, as well as the myriad of styles being practiced on the planet today. I will be going to major yoga festivals, walking up into the Himalaya to sacred pilgrimage sites, traveling to holy cities, as well as looking at modern day urban practice, and focusing on Eastern versus Western interpretations of yoga...the whole spectrum, all leading to one place. Beyond the physical asanas, or postures, a process takes place within a human being that is not so visual. What does a photograph of "spiritual awakening" look like? How about transformation of consciousness? Or, cessation of the chatter of the mind? We will see...

It begins with a few new images of one aspect of the Western way...yoga workshops...complete with exotic locations, wild natural beauty, the sound of crashing waves, and, of course, fine cuisine.