Haiti Hears

The Starkey Hearing Foundation gives the gift of hearing to children and adults throughout the world. In a single day on their hearing missions, as many as 350 hearing impaired individuals are fitted with hearing aids and perceive sound for the first time...through my lens, I capture this moment of first perception, this moment of hope, literally an instant where life changes before me. Often, as the volume is turned up, it is like a switch turns on, eyes alight, tears flow, and we all understand that nothing will be the same from this point on.

I have joined the SHF as a photographer on missions to India, Malawi, South Africa, Egypt, Romania and just recently Haiti. Miley Cyrus and her mother, Tish, joined us on a late February mission to Institut Montfort, a school for the deaf, in Port au Prince. One of my portraits of them with a young Haitian boy they fitted was recently published in People Magazine. Here are a few moments from the fringes, away from the action, where I frequently find the "real" pictures.

To see more of my work with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, featured as a cover story in NEED magazine as well as Time.com, please look at the hearing around the world gallery on my site.