Back in the Saddle

After a bit of a hiatus from my "horse life" work, I am excited to be shooting once again. A recent trip to Hipico La Silla, a world-class equestrian facility in Monterrey, Mexico, has me inspired and ready to re-immerse myself. There are infinite possibilities surrounding this project right now. I will do my research, bring an open mind, observe, and dig deep.

The hunters and jumpers of La Silla are bred and trained for excellence and compete at the highest international levels, many are Olympic medalists. The grounds are immaculate and feature training facilities, a variety of scenic riding areas, a veterinary hospital, and a well-respected breeding program.

Our gracious host at La Silla made us feel at home and welcomed us to photograph his strong, beautiful horses. After a morning of shooting and some conversation, he invited us to "el rancho", his farm known as "El Mexicano" where foals are born and young horses graze in green pastures...we accepted his invitation gladly and assumed we would drive there shortly. I continued to photograph the three riders before me who were training their horses and jumping in the ring, minutes later a helicopter dropped from the sky...our ride to el rancho. Within minutes, we were flying over the expansive farm, horses roaming in open space below. Upon landing, we photographed a foal born just hours before at dawn, enjoyed a delicious lunch (tacos, of course), and witnessed the one-year-old horses run in the ring for the first time...La Silla's future. So much potential...

En route to El Mexicano. Photo by Selma Fernandez

La Silla